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Fads and fashions in body hair come and go, though the need for hair removal isn’t always about taste. Hormone conditions frequently cause hair to grow in unwanted places. Dr. Nicholas Bujak of West Valley Med Spa in Phoenix, Arizona uses the Cutera® xeo™ aesthetic system for permanent laser hair removal. No matter what the reason for your unwanted hair, the xeo system can painlessly stop its growth. Call the office today, or book an appointment online.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

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Why do I have unwanted body hair?

When your body hair changes from a delicate “peach fuzz” to a thicker, darker, form, there’s a chance that you’re responding to increased levels of male hormones in your body. Called hirsutism, this change to your body hair may accompany any event or condition which causes an increase in androgens. You’ll find this thick, dark hair growing in places where men typically have body hair, such as the face and abdomen.

Hypertrichosis is a related term that usually refers to excess hair that’s unrelated to androgens, and which may affect any part of the body.

Higher than normal levels of androgens often result from polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. Benign cysts affect the way the ovaries manufacture hormones, and about 75% of all cases of hirsutism may result from this condition. If you’re experiencing irregular periods, acne, or fertility issues along with increased hair growth, PCOS may well be the culprit.

How is hirsutism treated?

Excess hair growth can be treated in several ways. Medications can regulate hormone levels or block androgens, but these typically take about six months to achieve results, as that’s the typical growth cycle for a hair follicle.

Home care includes shaving, plucking, waxing, or hair removal chemicals called depilatories. None of these methods are permanent, however, so continuous retreatment is necessary.

Electrolysis, once the most popular permanent hair removal treatment, uses an electric current to destroy hair follicles, but the process is painful.

Laser treatment is quickly becoming the favored way to remove unwanted hair permanently. Many cosmetic laser systems feature hair removal options, and West Valley Med Spa uses the Cutera xeo laser aesthetic system for laser hair removal.

How does the Cutera xeo work?

The xeo system can generate both true laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) light energy. Both are effective for laser hair removal, and the way each light source works is the same. The combination of laser and IPL permit the xeo system to effectively treat more skin types and colors.

The xeo delivers light energy to the root of your body hair, at the base of the hair follicle, and absorbed light energy warms and damages follicles that are currently in the growing cycle, roughly one-third of your hair. Within a few weeks, hairs in the treatment area fall out, and damaged follicles die off. Three or more treatment sessions may be needed to remove all hair in a treatment zone.

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